What is Vejer Focus?

Vejer Focus is a real time photography festival taking place during the last weekend of September 2014 in and around the Andalucian white hill top town of Vejer de la Frontera. The festival is open to all the public regardless of age or professional status.

What is ‘Mobile Photography’?

Mobile photography (also known as iphoneography) is a global phenomenon in a continual state of evolution. Mobile photography is the art of using mobile phone or ‘smart phone’ cameras to take pictures for personal use and/or instant sharing on social media or photo sharing sites (Facebook, Instagram, Picassa, Eyem etc.)

Mobile photography allows the camera user to take photographs in almost any situation and often in a less imposing fashion than with conventional cameras. Mobile photographers are usually prolific photographers crossing a variety of photographic genres.

This new wave of photography is the most dynamic in the history of photography due to mobile technology. The combination of ease of use, price and capacity combined with an ever growing list of digital imaging ‘apps’ allowing users to retouch photos on the go makes mobile photography the fastest growing art form of our age.


Vejer Focus is a weekend photography festival. Participants can turn up with their camera phones (of any model or generation) and take pictures of any subject within the municipality of Vejer de la Frontera. Pictures can be sent directly (or retouched digitally and sent) to the Vejer Focus team. A team of professional photographers and gallery owners will select pictures that will be printed and exhibited immediately in the Califa gallery (part of Hotel La Casa del Califa) and uploaded directly to the Vejer Focus blog.

Any theme is permitted from portraits, documentary style images, landscapes, architecture, interior, street scenes, beach scenes, action photos, humour. The only limit is that the photo must be taken within the municipality of Vejer which includes the walled medieval town of Vejer, the coast and sandy beaches of El Palmar and the Las Breñas Nature Park amongst other areas of pictorial interest.

IsabellaChildren are actively encouraged to participate and there will be sections dedicated directly to children’s photography.

So that all participants have the same opportunity to compete only phone cameras can be usedand pictures must be uploaded in realtime directly from the camera (with or without in phone editing). Downloading to laptops, retouching and uploading to Vejer Focus is NOT allowed.


Opening: 1800 Friday 26 Septiembre 2014

Closing:  1800 Sunday 28 Septiembre 2014

Prize giving: 2000 Sunday 28 September 2014


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