Organisation & Jury

The organisers of Vejer Focus are James Stuart,  José Anies and Paul Debois (see bios below). They will form the basis of the judging panel while other professional photographers, artists and gallery owners will form part of the final judging panel and will be making suggestions as the photography festival moves on.

Vejer Focus is sponsored by the Califa Group, Vejer’s principal hospitality company encompassing Hotel la Casa del Califa, el Jardín del Califa restaurant, Califa Tapas and the Califa Gallery (Los Balcones del Califa) amongst other businesses.

We are very pleased to have two invited judges for the final: Tim Booth (website) and Kelly Lawlor (website).

James Stuart

Photo 30-08-13 13 29 22 (1)






Gallery owner & principal sponsor

Grupo Califa, Vejer de la Frontera


Jose Aniés






Photographer, Conil de la Frontera, Spain


Paul Debois

Paul Debois

Photographer, London, England

In a photographic career spanning over twenty years Paul has travelled to many countries, carrying out assignments for European automobile magazines and manufacturers including Fiat, Audi, Honda and BMW. He works regularly for the BBC in London and also for lifestyle magazines, taking photographs of natural subjects, particularly flowers and landscapes.


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